Data center Ostankino

Data center Ostankino is our second technical site in Moscow where we offer colocationservices. This data center corresponds to the level of reliability class Tier III.
All data center systems are built on a fault-tolerant scheme and provide a high level of availability. Modern infrastructure, 24-hour monitoring and qualified technical support ensure the quality and continuity of the site in 24/7 mode.
The SmartApe technical site is located in one of the isolated zones of the data center and occupies several racks. The site is provided with fault-tolerant power supply, cooling and protection. 24-hour technical support is able to solve any problem on your equipment.
Power supply system
2 comlexes
UPS for each server room
Reservation scheme
4 power inputs
From independent electrical substations
2 power lines
Power supply in rack
The power supply of the data center corresponds to the 1st category of the special group.
Cooling system
Reservation scheme
Level 3
ASHRAE reliability level
± 4°C in server rooms
8,4 MW
Redundant cooling capacity
Telecommunication inlets
Network reservation system
The telecommunication system built on the flagship solutions of Cisco Systems
>50 Gbit/s
Bandwidth of communication channels
Fire extinguishing system
Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection
Automatic gas fire extinguishing system
Safe gas Novec
Complex security
Video surveillance
Separation by access zones
Data center address: 1st Ostankinskaya Street, 1с1, Moscow, Russia, 129515
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